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 Live Tech Media Hub and Podcast:

S.M.A.C. Talk - Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud the podcast launched in 2014 and over those 4 years hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo have covered topics that included Big Data, Digital Transformation, Social Selling, Data Center Migration, Millennial Marketing, Digital Marketing, live streaming video, customer experience and everything else impacting today's technology world.

SMACtalk became much more than just a podcast as every episode is live streamed via Facebook Live and Periscope while also going live to technology events such as Mobile World Congress, IBM developer conference, CES, SXSW, HP Discovery, SAP Sapphire and other technology events.  Past sponsors of the podcast include IBM, SAP, SAP Store, Avnet, Adobe and currently Cisco.  

Hosted by Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz and Daniel Newman @DanielNewmanUV

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Dec 19, 2014

#SMACtalk Episode 2: Social Listening , Social Data and the rise of Social Business


We have given our lives to social media, no doubt there. In fact, for many social media is omnipresent. No matter what we do – eat at our favorite restaurant, take the kids skating, watch a movie, go grocery shopping, or hop next door to the coffee shop – we are routinely sharing our experiences, either with words or images or both, and we are literally documenting our lives and our experiences through social media channels and interaction. We tweet, We Instagram. We upload to Facebook. All in the hopes of communicating and interacting with our friends, family, and peers. We smile less, we “smiley” more; we appreciate less often than we “like” or “share”; we don’t talk as much as we “tweet” and we would rather ask life questions on Quora than ask our parents and friends those questions in life outside of our screen. Marketers have been taking note and a whole new business type has branched off from there – social business.

Make social listening the foundation of your social business. Stop resting on the laurels of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and start listening. You will be headed for a successful social media presence, built by learning your customers’ preferences and customizing your products and services around what you hear from them. In a world where people want to make connections with brands through the people that represent them, the goal of social media has to be about starting, and maintaining conversations and connection through active listening. The platform you use is up to you!