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S.M.A.C. Talk - Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud the podcast launched in 2014 and over those 4 years hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo have covered topics that included Big Data, Digital Transformation, Social Selling, Data Center Migration, Millennial Marketing, Digital Marketing, live streaming video, customer experience and everything else impacting today's technology world.

SMACtalk became much more than just a podcast as every episode is live streamed via Facebook Live and Periscope while also going live to technology events such as Mobile World Congress, IBM developer conference, CES, SXSW, HP Discovery, SAP Sapphire and other technology events.  Past sponsors of the podcast include IBM, SAP, SAP Store, Avnet, Adobe and currently Cisco.  

Hosted by Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz and Daniel Newman @DanielNewmanUV

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Jan 8, 2015

CES2015 - It’s all about the Data!

Cloud, Mobile and Internet of Things success for the future of work is dependent on the understanding and use of Big Data!


This Episode will cover:

Insights and recap from the #CloudTalk “Big Data’s Role in the Future of Work” Hangout + Twitter Chat with special guest Theo Priestley.


Trends and Gadgets on display at CES 2015 and why they’re cool.  Diving into a discussion on why technology companies are showing off their innovative toys, internet of things and wearable technology!


Understanding the importance of Human to Human (#H2H)integration with technology


What Brian Fanzo learned from the IBM insight conference, which is leading the change with including big data and engagement alongside cloud and technology.


Daniel Newman quoted the study that stated we as consumers spend 24+ hours a week on devices and the internet.  Brands are working with technology and gadgets to find ways to understand the hours people aren’t actively on the devices or internet!


Power of Data to link business goals and solving business problems with gadgets and Internet of Things devices


Data that is actively or passively shared is what these devices and gadgets are attempting to extract from the users and customers.


Brian explained how he provides his doctor the Jawbone Up data so that he can better understand his sleeping patterns so that the doctor has more data to make decisions.


The importance of connecting devices and data to the mobile user and customer experience.


How can businesses benefit from Internet of Things, integrating sensors for computers and electronics for energy  


What is a Social Business and how does Data help and empower a Social Business?


No excuse for brands that don’t invest and understand social listening and no business can be a social business without listening.  If brands can’t leverage this public social data to make business decisions, is it reasonable to think these brands are going to implement these devices that provide more data!


Useful data and data collection a deciding factor between a good and bad social business.


How employees and leaders get buy-in on #IoT devices and gadgets by starting the conversation with what data you will be able to gather and what problems you will be able to solve.


Businesses must focus on the data that they understand and that when leveraged allows for strategic business decisions!


Daniel stated that coming out of CES 2015 the CEO, CIO, CMO, CTO will still be asking… What BUSINESS problem are these technologies, gadgets and devices solving for the business?


Technology when done well increases productivity, saves time and makes the users lives better!


How do companies better understand what customers, employees and community are doing when not online…


Understanding the true value of devices like Nest, not that I can see the temperature or it provides a digital display, rather that it gives me new data that would allow me to adjust and manage my temperature to save money and energy.  


How can the hyper-connected devices that consumers use like Brian and Daniel, such as Dropcam, WeMo, Wink, Pebble watches and others be leverage by businesses both small and enterprises.


iBeacon and how it should be used for brands and retail businesses to get new data that would allow companies to adjust things like layout of store or what products to feature.  Creating an improved customer experience by leveraging the passive data provided by the customers.


Brian and Daniel discuss their first impressions of  IBM Verse (Dynamic New Email program) and how streaming lining email, notifications and conversations and those same changes must happen with big data and mobile device integration.


Want to be successful with Big Data as a SMB? Start Small, Understand the data and the problem that you’re trying to solve. Then think about tools and devices that could provide you that data, then take strategic business actions.


Think about how data will be to dynamically adapt our lives and calendar with things like the smart cars connected to your traffic map which then updates your calendar and notifies your coworkers automatically.


We question if companies or brands are utilizing the data they already have


No matter the size of the company, from small business to enterprise, they can’t buy more time, therefore finding ways to leverage data to increase productivity, save money and create better employee and customer experiences.

The companies and brands that embrace data and apply it to projects that are linked to business goals will be the most successful in years to come!